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Case Study

Fonterra 'Better You' Challenge


Our Client

Fonterra Co-operative Group

What We Did

‘Better You’ platform

‘Mooving’ the dial on employee wellbeing and business understanding

A truly brand-led employee wellbeing program that delivered on the broader needs of one of New Zealand’s great companies.

Synergy Health partnered with Fonterra to create the ‘Moove It’ challenge.  Delivered within the ‘Better You’ platform, the challenge was designed to deliver on Fonterra’s multi-pronged goal of improving staff wellbeing, while increasing awareness of different elements within the business. 

Participants had fun tracking their steps and competing against other teams, while being educated and learning new things about Fonterra. 

We’re incredibly proud of the healthy results that the ‘Moove It' challenge delivered for Fonterra and its people.



The Goal

A wellbeing program can achieve a greater return on investment when it meets the broader needs of the organisation. 

The goal was to deliver a unique challenge across Fonterra that promoted mental health and wellbeing. By engaging a range of additional stakeholders, the challenge was able to incorporate themes in the key areas of food safety and quality, health and safety and sustainability. 

The Process

The design of the ‘Moove It’ challenge delivered within the ‘Better You’ platform was centred on two components: 

     - Increasing physical activity through step tracking
     - Participating in bonus activities with teammates

The bonus activities were designed to take participants on a virtual journey following the path a product takes from ‘Grass to Glass’ – beginning on the farms in the Waikato region of New Zealand and ending up with consumers in Shanghai, China. 

Overall, the solution we delivered effectively aligned with and achieved Fonterra’s multipronged goal of improving staff wellbeing and increasing awareness of different elements within the business. Participants had fun tracking their steps and competing against other teams, while being educated and learning new things about Fonterra they didn’t know before. 


Nicholas Salter

- Fonterra

“The ‘Moove It’ challenge provided a unique and customised experience for our people, creating positive health outcomes and a greater understanding of Fonterra’s Value Chain across multiple business functions. An exciting and engaging team challenge that we will continue to deliver each year”. 

The Outcome

In total, 19 countries actively participated in the ‘Better You’ challenge;

We achieved exceptionally high engagement rates during the challenge, with 70% of participants completing every single daily activity;

400 participants made a new personal connection and 381 re-connected with an existing connection, either inside or outside of the workplace.


Goal: Wellbeing

Fonterra staff participants accumulated a total of 345,398,003 steps and participated in over 5765 hours of extra physical activity. 

Over 5000 servings of vegetables were consumed on Day 1. 


Goal: Food Safety and Quality

87% of participants tested their ability to quickly identify items that compromise Food Safety and Quality as part of the Redline Game. 

66% of participants recorded views on how their role affecting food safety for consumers.


Goal: Health and Safety

1037 participants achieved 7.5 hours of sleep with the activity focus of preventing fatigue.

1217 participants completed at least one of the provided stretches, in an activity focused on stretching and keeping bodies in top shape.


Goal: Sustainability

5883 answers to sustainability activities were recorded across the four weeks.

Would participate in the challenge again 92%
Said it had a positive impact on their day 88%
Said they learnt something new about Fonterra 85%
Said it had them moving more 82%

The goal was to deliver a unique challenge across Fonterra that promoted mental health and wellbeing.

  • “There was a lot of excellent banter and encouragement of doing the team tasks, which I was really grateful for. Particularly as there were some team members that I did not know very well before this challenge”.
    Team Member
  • “Gave me something new and interesting to do to take my mind off what was happening during this unsettling time”.
    Team Member
  • “For lots of the challenges my flat got involved with me which also brought us closer together. Some of them even asked me 'What's today's challenge?’”
    Team Member
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