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Case Study

NZ Police

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Our Client

New Zealand Police

What We Did

Behaviour change framework

A unique organisation requires a unique program

We are proud of Superintendent Mel Aitken presenting at the international ‘Police Resilience Symposium’.

Mel spoke of NZ Police’s new H&S and Wellbeing Strategy, ‘Safer People’ through to 2023. This is underpinned by the Te Whare Tapa Whā holistic model of wellbeing (physical, mental, family and social, spiritual) with a real focus on reducing mental health stigma.

Mel also discussed the introduction of the ‘Wellness Hub’ – a program Synergy Health is proud to deliver in partnership with NZ Police. This has enabled NZ Police staff to take ownership and responsibility for the four areas of wellbeing through focused prevention advice, support, resources and tools to keep people fit for work and fit for life.

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The Goal

We know that to promote engagement in any digital platform, the information presented must be relevant. This is particularly important for job roles that are considered unique in their requirements. 

For Emergency Response based organisations, the customisation of content to ensure relevancy is critical.

When working with an organisation that has a team that is as passionate about promoting wellbeing as what we are, coupled with some unique technology…

…together we can create a unique program for a unique workplace and their unique people.

The Process

For NZ Police, we have delivered the following layers of customisation underpinned by our behaviour change framework:

  • The inclusion of customised questions within our Wellbeing Scorecard to capture data from their onsite medical checks.
  • Having their own staff contribute content. This has included:
    • The ‘Coppuccino Cop Podcast’ (with Constable Bryan) focusing on a range of wellbeing topics
    • Blogs following the journeys of staff achieving their own wellbeing related goals
    • The sharing of staff stories including personal stories on how staff have coped with mental health challenges
    • Publishing of the ‘Copy That’ podcasts series where members of NZ Police interview a range of well-known personalities about different aspects of wellbeing 
05 Synergy_CaseStudy_TheProcess_NZ Police
  • Resources delivered to support staff through coping with grief and loss. This was in response to the tragic death of a work colleague.

  • Customised polls to identify specific staff needs.   

  • Development of marketing material and the promotion of the ‘Mate to Mate’ initiative to further encourage staff to support one another.

  • Creation of a Safer People Team Directory containing staff details for the ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Medical Services’, ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Physical Education’ and ‘Return To Work’ teams within NZ Police. 

  • A challenge with scheduled touch points to support new recruits to NZ Police across the first 2-years of their policing career post-graduation.

  • Provision of friends and family to access non-restricted parts of the ‘Wellness Hub’.
  • A 10-week challenge following one of NZ Police’s Physical Education Officers as they work towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

  • A challenge that educates the history of NZ Police in a fun and engaging way.

  • The development of various customised marketing and awareness campaigns including mental health posters, screen savers during COVID-19 lockdown and various other promotions to stay safe and well.

  • The implementation of the NZ Police government e-bike scheme.

Rebecca Hill

Health Promotions Advisory Manager
- Safer People

“Ensuring relevancy, particularly with specific content for Police, any request made of Synergy Health has been seamless in terms of process, timing and the quality produced is outstanding”

The Outcome

Since implementing the platform for NZ Police, the following engagement rates have been achieved:


Over 70% of NZ Police personnel are registered users of ‘Wellness Hub’.


More than 15,000 challenges have been accessed across 60+ different wellbeing, safety and engagement topics.


An average of 96% recommendation rate across all challenges delivered.             

Over 50% of NZ Police personnel have registered 50%
96% recommendation rate 96%
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