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Empower your people.
Inspire your difference.

Wellbeing programs that improve the lives of your
people and the health of your organisation.

Healthier humans make healthier workplaces

Investing in the wellbeing of your people delivers great returns by creating happier, healthier, and more engaged employees. Using our latest in delivery platform tech, we partner with you to provide customisable wellbeing programs that support healthy employee behaviour change that's relevant to your organisation and its people.


Customised programs for unique organisations and their people

Our digital platform allows for an easy to implement, comprehensive range of wellbeing, safety and organisational development programs. These are designed to enhance employee performance and consequently organisational performance.

Our programs are:

Real time reporting to track and measure results.

We partner with you to develop programs that meet your organisation's unique health, wellbeing, safety and development goals. 

Our platform allows wearable integration with Google Fit, Fitbit and Garmin, enabling users to engage and track their progress.

Tailored to meet your organisational needs and budget.  

Content is delivered to each user based on what is uniquely relevant to them. 

A suite of gamified challenges to support engagement through enjoyment. 


Our programs create
Healthy Habits

Happierhealthier and more engaged employees

Our ‘10 Healthy Habits’ are the foundation to all of our programs. These easy to follow habits have stood the test of time. When implemented, they have a significant impact on employee physical and mental wellbeing, both inside and outside the workplace. 

  • Reduce Fake Foods
    In simple terms, fake foods are those which are heavily processed and often contain large amounts of sugar. They often contain a long list of ingredients which are not overly nourishing by themselves.
  • Eat Real Food
    Eating food which is as close to its natural state as possible is the best way to ensure your body is receiving nourishment as nature intended it. Eating real food, from animals and plants, takes away a lot of the confusion.
  • Move Slowly Lots
    One of the things which make us uniquely human is our ability to walk on two limbs, tall and upright, and for long periods of time. Modern living often sees us idle and hunched over a desk. For optimal health, we need to find our feet again and move.
  • Move Quickly Once in a While
    Moving fast now and then can give you all of the health benefits of a longer slow jog but in a lot shorter timeframe. This can be achieved by moving as fast as you can (any way you like) for only a few seconds at a time.
  • Get Strong
    Alongside moving our body both fast and slow, for optimal health we need to ensure our muscles remain strong. It is the ultimate example of ‘use it or lose it’.
  • Get Adequate Sleep
    Good quality sleep is essential to promoting overall health. Our modern day environment tends to be full of sleep disruptors – sugary foods, caffeine and light from technology gadgets.
  • Get Adequate Sunlight
    Sitting indoors all day shielded from the sunlight is not ideal for our health. Our skin and eyes (and from these organs, the rest of our body) need sensible sun exposure. Get yourself out into the light at regular intervals.
  • Play
    How do you combine moving fast, slow, being outdoors, and in a way that can make you smile, laugh, and have fun? You play.
  • Manage Your Thinking
    Much of our thinking occurs at a subconscious level. This mechanism allows us to process large amounts of information as we don’t need to pay a lot of attention to it.
  • Engage Yourself
    It’s important to be able to identify what drives your behaviour. What motivates you? Is it being creative? Working within a team? Learning? Taking on new challenges?

Your difference is your people

We partner with you to create and implement relevant programs that deliver measurable results.

We take a truly consultative approach - listening, learning and responding to the unique needs of your organisation and your people. Discover how together, we can empower every one of your people to be their best - at work and in life.

Building long-term partnerships

There is no other organisation like yours. And every one of your employees is a unique individual full of potential. At Synergy Health, we know this to be true. That’s why we partner with you to create customised, values-based workplace wellbeing programs that are relevant to you and your people. To do this, we take a truly consultative approach. We’ll meet you where you’re at by listening, learning, and responding to what you need.

Wellbeing in the workplace looks different for everyone

Our bespoke wellbeing programs deliver enhanced outcomes at all levels of your organisation. Together we can guide your people to make better choices that are relevant for effective behaviour change. Empowering them to become healthier, happier and more engaged at work and in everyday life.

Proud to be trusted by leading organisations

At Synergy Health, we believe the best investment any organisation can make is in its people. We’re proud to have helped over a hundred leading organisations create happier, healthier, more engaged employees.
Plan Options

A customised digital platform to suit your workplace



Designed primarily for the small to medium sized organisation. 

This is perfect for those workplaces requiring a comprehensive online platform that delivers a range of pre-set wellbeing, safety and organisational development initiatives to create real behaviour change.

Whilst delivered with a pre-set calendar of initiatives, the ‘Foundation’ program provides lots of opportunities to make it your own including program name, brand, colour scheme and the integration of your own content.

This all wrapped up in a program that minimises your administrative time and energy!



Designed for larger organisations wanting a highly customised program that addresses their specific requirements.

Ideal for those workplaces requiring a comprehensive online platform with the ability to determine the timings of key wellbeing, safety and organisational development initiatives.

The ‘Enterprise’ program has unmatched levels of customisation including the ability to integrate questions into the Wellbeing Scorecard, deliver relevant content throughout the platform, build customised challenges and reward employees in a way that’s unique to the organisation.

Your program. Your way. 

How We Can Help

Make better health achievable for all