Synergy Health workshops are designed to encourage positive behaviour changes. Each workshop results in employees learning personalised and practical strategies to enhance their performance and overall quality of life.

Building Personal Resilience

In today’s demanding environment, employees can often find themselves being pulled in many different directions – both at home and at work. This can result in employees developing stress symptoms and adopting behaviours that only further exacerbate these symptoms over time.

Even your best performers can find themselves with poor energy levels, negative habitual thinking patterns and becoming more disengaged by the day.

Experiencing these symptoms only makes it more challenging to sustain high levels of performance – no matter how determined your employees are!

The ‘re:set’ programme gives participants the opportunity to learn easy and practical steps on how to effectively manage stress and build resilience to promote performance in all areas of their life.

Participants will

  • Enhance their understanding of the nature of stress
  • Understand how they can take a more proactive role in managing stress
  • Identify their early indicators of stress
  • Understand why some stress management strategies do not work for everyone
  • Identify personalised and practical strategies to enhance their personal resilience
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Charging Through Change

We are now in an environment where we face constant change both inside and outside of the workplace. Despite the frequency with which we encounter change, many people can experience negative symptoms associated with the change process including dis-engagement and cynicism.

These symptoms can negatively impact your employee’s performance and those working around them. This can compromise the overall change process within your workplace.

The ‘re:work’ programme provides participants with a practical understanding on how they can proactively enhance their ability to cope with change. Rather than experiencing negative symptoms, your employees will develop the skills to view change as an opportunity to enhance their levels of satisfaction and engagement.

Participants will

  • Enhance their understanding of common characteristics associated with change
  • Understand how they can take a more proactive role in managing the change process
  • Identify the impact of their habitual thinking patterns on their ability to cope with change
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Being Present, Ignoring The Noise

Today our lives are busier than ever. We can often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with information overload as our ever growing ‘to do’ list increases both inside and outside of the workplace. The opportunity for personal time for revitalising activities can feel harder and harder to achieve.

This, coupled with the tendency to overly focus on past and future events, can result in employees being vulnerable to self-inflicted attention deficit disorder, exhaustion, lack of focus, unhelpful thought patterns, increased stress and a susceptibility to burnout.

The ‘re:connect’ programme provides participants with effective strategies to be more present and more conscious of life as it happens. By cultivating the art of being more mindful, it will help participants achieve their goals and enjoy life more.

Participants will

  • Learn how to recognise unhealthy thinking patterns and the practical strategies to eliminate these
  • Understand how to be more ‘present’ and focus on the tasks at hand
  • Understand how to strategically ‘disengage’ to enhance productivity
  • Understand the benefits of being grateful
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Presentation Topics

The following presentations are typically delivered in 1–2 hour sessions. They are high impact presentations, designed to provide attendees with increased knowledge and understanding of the topic and to assist them in the identification of potential changes to enhance wellbeing.

Additional Topics

Winter wellness

This presentation takes your employees through the effects of winter on their physical and mental health, how this may influence their home and work life, and how to combat the winter blues with strategies focused on sleep, food and exercise.

Stone-age fitness

In this presentation your employees learn to incorporate simple, time efficient and achievable activities to promote fitness – no matter how busy they are.