Why We Do What We Do

All too often we can become caught up in the focus for greater organisational productivity, reduction of sickness absence, increasing workplace moral and reducing workplace injuries and awareness.  We are sure you would all agree that these are fantastic outcomes for organisations implementing our wellbeing programs across Australia and New Zealand.  These are the stats we rely heavily on to demonstrate these real ‘tangible’ outcomes of our programs, and to promote our work in the wellbeing space to your 'number crunchers'.

However, the real reason that we do what we do, and the core of our business here at Synergy Health is the impact that we have on an individual.  Our ethos is to recognise that each of your employees is an individual and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to real behaviour change.  Our whole team never tire of hearing the regular feedback that, together with our clients’ vision, we have made a real difference to their employees’ lives.  That is what gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling as we roll into the festive season and keeps us striving for more.

Below is some such feedback from Glenn.  Glenn is 48 years old and participated in one of our wellbeing programs.

Glenn’s Story

“My name is Glenn. I have been working in full time employment since the age of 15.

To say this module, focused on Personal Leadership with an emphasis on self-awareness, core purpose, motivation and strategy has changed my life would be an understatement. In the various corporations I have worked for there have been plenty of executive courses which I have attended on a “Tick the Box only” basis to move onwards and upwards in my career.

This program has given me REAL content and REAL tools that have changed me forever; but it not only changed me, it has also changed all those I now come into contact with. Without personal awareness of core values and serious self-evaluation it was clearly obvious that no matter how many courses I completed or how many people I came into contact with through work or personally, the substance of who I am, would never change and I would never realise just how good life could be with a few simple personal changes and some self-determined clear direction.

Accountability of personal mental and physical health is one that only we control. The tools that I have been given have made my work environment and my personal life more the richer and it continues to grow every day.  This program has helped me to realise that wellbeing, personal health and clear direction based on core values determine who we are now and also in our future. The ability to identify triggers that effect those factors and the ability to use these tools is priceless.  My wife, family, work colleagues, peers and teammates have noticed the difference in me. I am now a happier, focused, healthier, confident and more well-rounded person able to cope with daily stresses and identifying the needs of not only others but myself too.

Life is only short but now I know that it can also be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling with the right attitude and attributes.

This program has changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful.  Monetary value cannot be placed on what I have learnt. It is priceless to me!!!”

With a story like that to tell, is it any wonder that our team here at Synergy Health are facing the New Year with renewed vigour and positive determination to keep making a difference to as many individuals as we possibly can.   From each and every one of us, thank you Glenn for your feedback.

As we finish up the New Year it is a good time for us to reflect on how we are going to achieve our own strategic goals, how are we going to reach more individuals, engage them, give them a greater understanding of their own personal values and continue to create real behaviour change for our clients.   Look out 2018 we are coming for you!


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