A Strategic Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Learn how to evaluate wellbeing platforms to ensure you're getting the one that will meet your organisation’s current and future requirements

You’ve heard the saying “prevention is better than a cure” and in today’s vaccine-focused world it’s particularly apt for the challenge of employee health and wellbeing. Now more than ever, organisations need to take a proactive, long-term approach to meeting that challenge. Like any other behaviour change initiative, the focus of a wellbeing program should be on improving outcomes for employees on a long-term basis.

With the increasing rate of technological development, wellbeing platforms are becoming more sophisticated, easier to implement and are delivering better results. But they're not all created equally, so how do you know which is the best fit for your organisation and its people?

To support your work in this space and help you choose a provider, we have put together a simple checklist to help you determine your own online wellbeing platform requirements. Evaluating your wellbeing platform is a generic guide to assessing wellbeing platforms which pinpoints the critical factors and non-negotiable functionality you need to consider that will benefit both your employees and your organisation.

The guide outlines the importance of understanding what you want from your wellbeing program – now and into the future as your needs may change. What key areas you need to cover when doing your due diligence, such as the program’s integration and administrative capabilities and how effective it is at generating employee buy-in. What formalised behaviour change model is the platform built on, is it one that encourages long-term behaviour change? How transparent is the data you can access around usage and participation?

The guide has a useful platform checklist to help you compare and assess different suppliers. When you’re considering different health and wellbeing solutions, it’ll get you asking important questions like:

  • Will it help to achieve our key success factors?
  • How does it promote behaviour change?
  • Does it engage employees and deliver them relevant content?
  • Is it available when employees are most ready to make changes?

Remember this is a generic guide, at Synergy Health we build unique platforms for unique organisations’ requirements. We can help you conduct an evaluation based on what’s relevant to you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us the questions above!



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