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QBE implemented the ‘SHIFT’ Challenge for a number of reasons, aside from the obvious health benefits it promised to bring our people and the organisation. Given that it had been an extremely demanding year we wanted to provide something for our staff across NZ that embraced teamwork and was positive and uplifting along with providing some FUN along the way. The ‘SHIFT’ Challenge did all that and more. Staff were energised, enthusiastic and engaged. Everyone enjoyed the challenge immensely, the health benefits that accrued and the camaraderie created. They can’t wait 'til the next one.

Jeff Price – National Training Manager (QBE Insurance)

The ‘SHIFT’ Challenge

QBE Insurance implemented a ‘Health Challenge’ as a part of the company wellness initiative to promote employee wellbeing.

The ‘SHIFT’ Challenge is a Health Challenge designed to encourage employees to increase their levels of incidental activity throughout the day across a four week period whilst competing for points within teams. Each week, individuals within teams will be challenged to walk the equivalent distance that matches a unique global destination. Along the way, participants are encouraged to undertake a series of daily challenges that bring these destinations to life in a virtual story. There are interesting facts to uncover, insights to share and prizes up for grabs to help keep teams motivated and engaged throughout the duration of the challenge.

The ‘SHIFT’ Challenge is designed to promote teamwork and boost morale in any workplace.

Of participants had made lifestyle improvements

Reported they are more confident in their ability to maintain the healthy habits they adopted throughout the ‘SHIFT’ Challenge

Reported an increase in productivity as a consequence of participating in the ‘SHIFT’ Challenge

Would recommend others to participate in the ‘SHIFT’ Challenge

General Participant Feedback

I enjoyed the bonding I had with my teammates and the strive to hit the goal!

I liked how our team kept motivating each other and checking up on one another. It truly was a group effort.

Starting an exercise routine is always hard for me so it spurred me on and gave me a reason to get out and about and most of all it wasn’t hard and boring!!

Well organised and anything that makes us healthier has to be good.

It was an awesome game and I would love to do it again!

It turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected when someone forced me into doing it.


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