Advanced plan

For those workplaces requiring a comprehensive online platform as well as the ability to determine key timings of key wellbeing, safety and organisational development initiatives to align with its overall strategy and to create real behaviour change.

What this plan includes

  • All features from the Basic plan
    • Organisational branding on the digital platform
    • 10 Healthy Habits questionnaire
    • Articles
    • Clips
    • Podcasts
    • Events
    • Specials/discounts
    • Monthly features
    • Ability to add content to dedicated pages
    • Incorporation of a range of challenges that employees can start at any time
    • Organisation wide team-based challenges
    • Ability for 3rd party providers to add content
    • Supply of promotional marketing materials
  • Dedicated account management and graphic design support
  • Ability to determine topic / timing of organisation wide team-based challenges
  • Creation of customised marketing material
  • Ability to add customised questions to the questionnaire
  • Ability to integrate and feature customised content

Calendar for Advanced plan

Sample Month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we upgrade to the ‘Pro’ plan at any time?

    Yes. You can upgrade to a ‘Pro’ plan at any time.

  • Can we design our own calendar of wellbeing, safety and organisational development initiatives?

    Yes. We will help you integrate a range of custom content into your program. You can select from our diverse range of challenges, clips, podcasts, feature topics (and more!) to integrate into your program at a time that best suits your specific requirements.

  • Can employee family members use the site?

    Each registered employee will be able to give 5 family members full access to participate in all aspects of the program, including challenges.

  • What is the payment plan?

    You pay a monthly subscription fee which gives all employees and up to 5 family members (per employee) full access to all aspects of the program.

  • Is there a minimum term?

    Yes. The minimum term is one year.