Our Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has led to an unprecedented global response.  Many organisations are working to protect their employees as best they can. 

To date, a key focus for has been on social isolation and distancing to minimise the spread of infection.

We see our key role is to support organisations in proactively helping their employees to build their immunity against infection and build their resilience to cope during these challenging times.

We understand that employee’s wellbeing will be challenged as they become more isolated, adapt to new ways of working / living, and cope with the financial pressures.  We understand they are likely to become more sedentary, their diets are likely to change and their sleep could become compromised due to the increase stress and anxiety.

Our response in assisting our clients has included creating our ‘Boost (your immunity)’ campaign. This includes:



We are delivering a series of ‘Boost’ articles focusing on practical ways to help employees build their immunity through nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health. We are also including resources to aid employees working from home, hygiene tips and more!  


Self-Starter Challenges

Self-Starter Challenges give employees the opportunity to learn and record their success in completing daily activities to help build their immunity.

Self-Starter Challenge topics include:

  • 'Remote Workers Roadmap' for those working from home, the ability to learn ways to structure their work and their home environment to promote mental health and wellbeing.
  • 'Mind, Body and Soul', 'Resiliency' and 'Headstrong' which provides the skills to help cope with the additional stressors associated with coronavirus.
  • 'Sleep Smarter', 'It Starts with Food' and 'Functional Fitness' to enhance physical wellbeing and boost immunity.


Rewards and Points

Employees are incentivised to engage in our 'Boost' content by receiving bonus points towards their status level within the platform.  This allows them to access additional benefits and provides a sense of progression and recognition along the way.


Family Access

Each employee has the option to invite up to 5 friends or family to access to the platform free of charge. This enables the broader community to benefit from the 'Boost' content.


Online Presentations

We can deliver a range of immunity boosting presentations online. This means providing essential education even if your employees are working remotely or unable to gather in large numbers.



We are also providing a range of materials to help promote 'Boost' content within workplaces.  This includes posters, suggested email copy and other internal communication support such as blog / yammer messages and intranet content.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you 'Boost' your workplace, please email info@synergyhealth.co.nz.


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