Our COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented global response.  There has never been such a large focus on health globally in our lifetime.  COVID-19 has impacted the way we work, live and play. 

Given the ongoing uncertainty, this has created a significant strain on our people. Proactive organisations understand that employees’ wellbeing and mental health continues to be challenged.  In some instances, people have become more isolated and have had to adapt to new ways of working and living.  Some are also coping with new financial pressures.

The demands associated with COVID-19 have resulted in organisations investing more in the wellbeing, safety and engagement of their workforce.

With this increased need and new levels of investment allocated to supporting employees, organisations are seeking wellbeing, safety and engagement programs that produce better and more targeted outcomes than ever before. They are also seeking programs that can evolve and adapt as their needs change over time. Particularly in an ever-changing COVID-19 environment.

Historically, off-the-shelf template wellbeing initiatives have primarily focused on promoting general wellbeing topics such as exercise, nutrition, and sleep.  While having their place, organisations now require programs that have the ability to target the specific behaviours they most want to influence in a way that will most likely engage their workforce.

Synergy Health has partnered with clients to deliver programs that specifically meet their needs.  

Examples of this include:

  • In collaboration with CBA, Synergy Health built and delivered a team-based customised challenge to assist employees while in lockdown called the ‘Isolation Motivation Challenge’. As selected by CBA, the focus was on promoting mental health, physical wellbeing, personal engagement and socialisation within a lockdown environment.
    Outcome: 96% of participants would recommend others to participate in the ‘Isolation Motivation Challenge’.

  • For NZ Police, we integrated a range of customised resources (e.g. home-based workouts, podcasts) created by NZ Police staff. We also delivered COVID-19 updates for front line workers and personal stories to help create a sense of community and support within the organisation. 

    Outcome: A 16% increase in the number of new registered users.

  • Based upon the previous success of the ‘Partners Challenge’, Synergy Health created the ‘Partners Lockdown Challenge’ in collaboration with KPMG. This involved KPMG senior leaders setting lockdown friendly wellbeing challenges for employees to complete.  

    Outcome: 99% of participants would recommend others to participate in the ‘Partners Lockdown Challenge’.

  • With employees working remotely, Aurecon wanted to create a challenge to help foster teamwork, fun and a bit of friendly competition.  In collaboration with Aurecon, Synergy Health created the 2-week quiz-based ‘Mental Agility Challenge’.

    Outcome: 96% of participants would recommend others to participate in the ‘Mental Agility Challenge’.

  • Oji Fibre wanted to create a customised challenge that promoted fun and teamwork. Synergy Health collaborated with Oji Fibre in creating the 2-week ‘Workplace Fortunes Challenge’.  Synergy Health developed a number of Oji Fibre questions to get an insight into what employees thought on specific topics e.g. Which Oji Fibre product comes to mind first?  Points were allocated based upon how accurate teams were in guessing what the most popular response across Oji Fibre was.

    Outcome: 100% of participants would recommend others to participate in the ‘Workplace Fortunes Challenge’.

In addition to these initiatives, our general response to assisting our clients to manage COVID-19 has included the following initiatives:



We are delivering a series of articles and resources that is focused on helping employees work from home (including how to manage the challenges of being an employee and parent) and how to cope with change and uncertainty.  We are also providing resources on practical ways to help employees build their immunity through nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health.


Self-Starter Challenges

Self-Starter Challenges give employees the opportunity to learn and record their success in completing daily activities to help build their resilience, immunity, ability to cope with change and be better equipped to work from home.

Self-Starter Challenge topics include:

  • ‘The Family Lockdown Challenge’ for families to promote connectedness and wellbeing in lockdown.
  • 'Remote Workers Roadmap' for those working from home, the ability to learn ways to structure their work and their home environment to promote mental health and wellbeing.
  • 'Mind, Body and Soul', 'Resiliency' and 'Headstrong' which provides the skills to help cope with the additional stressors associated with lockdowns.
  • 'Sleep Smarter', 'It Starts with Food' and 'Functional Fitness' to enhance physical wellbeing and boost immunity


Rewards and Points

Employees are incentivised to engage in the initiatives above by receiving bonus points towards their status level within the platform.  This allows them to access additional benefits and provides a sense of progression and recognition along the way.


Family Access

Each employee has the option to invite up to 5 friends or family to access to the platform free of charge. This enables the broader community to benefit from the initiatives.


Online Presentations

We are delivering a range of presentations online. This means providing essential education even if your employees are working remotely or unable to gather in large numbers. Topics include ‘Lockdown Learnings’, ‘Charging Through Change’, ‘Building Resilience’ and promoting the ‘10 Healthy Habits’ in lockdown. The added feature for online presentations in lockdown is that families are able to listen together to broaden the benefits of listening to the information presented.



We are also providing a range of materials to help promote specific content within their workplaces.  This includes posters, suggested email copy and other internal communication support such as blog / yammer messages and intranet content.

If you’d like to know more about how we can partner with you to help your workplace, please email  info@synergyhealth.co.nz.


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