Open Building Personal Resilience Programme

"I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the workshop, but it’s fair to say that it exceeded my expectations - it wasn’t just another workshop”

“In short I want to thank you for being the inspiration to change my life”

“I found the content of your workshop incredibly valuable for my work and personal life”

“I took a lot away from this workshop and found the tools and strategies easy to understand and implement"

No two people are exactly alike, and people react and respond to stress in different ways. While we need a certain amount of stress to maintain vitality and enthusiasm for life, too much stress can cause health problems, impair performance and reduce our quality of life.

Our ability to manage stress depends on how ‘resilient’ we are; our ability to cope, to ‘bounce back’ from a setback.

This comprehensive programme allows you to send 1-5 employees to develop their own personalised strategies to improve their resilience, performance and overall quality of life.

What's included:
  • One Day Workshop
  • 1-Year Membership to Online Support Resources
  • Follow Up Q&A

One Day Workshop

An engaging workshop that will lead participants through a process that creates their personal resilience plan. Every participant will have the opportunity to leave with a set of practical tools and strategies unique to them.

Participants will learn:

  • About the nature of stress and your own early indicators of stress
  • Simple rules to achieve and maintain energy, positive moods and mental clarity
  • How to build the emotional capacity to minimise emotions that negatively impact work and personal lives
  • How to enhance their ability to focus and adopt a positive mindset

Online Support Resources

To help embed the key learnings from the ‘RESET’ presentation, participants will have access to a range of personalised online support resources.

These include:

  • A health questionnaire to help participants identify any key health risks;
  • Access to updated content (articles, clips, podcasts etc) on a personalised dashboard that best meets their needs and interests;
  • Participate in a range of challenges - including the ‘Building Personal Resilience Challenge’ and a range of others to promote resilience;

The online support resources will help embed the key learnings from the workshop in the long term.

Follow Up Q&A

A 45-minute online Q&A session conducted approximately 6-weeks following the workshop. This session provides participants with the opportunity to ask any follow up questions they may have after participating in the workshop and having accessed the online support resources.

Investment Required:

$650.00 + gst. per person

Discounts available for multiple bookings


Thursday 4th July, 2019

Lunch Provided



To reserve your place, please email:


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