KPMG Partners Challenge

A unique workplace needs a unique program.

With high-performing employees and a committed leadership team, we knew KPMG needed something special to support their wellbeing strategy.

The goal was to create a bespoke team challenge customised to KPMG’s culture that matched their values of ‘Lead By Example’ and ‘Work Together’. A key focus was to ensure the challenge had a distinctive KPMG feel, gave the firm’s leadership team more presence within the organisation and reinforced their commitment to wellbeing. The goals of the program were to promote employee wellbeing and encourage teamwork and communication across the organisation.

Engaging KPMG Leadership

This three-week team challenge was created in collaboration with a variety of the firm’s leaders, so the first step was to engage with them for their contributions. Each contributing leader could select an activity/ challenge from an extensive menu of options provided by Synergy Health, or they could create their own.

Developing Engaging Content

The guiding principle for all activities was the need to promote an element of wellbeing. Examples included acts of gratitude, having a break from technology, connecting with colleagues, and engaging in a form of play. It was important that participants understood who chose each activity and why they chose it. We profiled each sponsoring leader with their photo and personal explanation for why they chose the activity. Their profile was then displayed alongside their chosen activity within the challenge.

Synergy Health’s unique digital platform facilitated the customised elements of the challenge, simplifying administration and enhancing participant experience.

The Results

With over 400 participants spread across 80 teams (and 7 different KPMG office locations), the scene was set for some fierce competition.

Upon analysing the results:

  • Over 40,000 squats were performed
  • 7,800 flights of stairs were climbed (115,000 individual stairs!) in the Sky Tower Challenge
  • 311 participants put on a brave face and introduced themselves to someone they didn’t know
  • Over 2,320 minutes of yoga (38.5 hours!) was completed
  • 255 participants found items to donate to a local charity after spring cleaning.
  • 270 participants decided to ‘Keep Learning’ by tackling a new skill
  • Nearly 300 people found a way to help a colleague succeed with the ‘Helping Hand’ activity
  • Plus many more great achievements during the course of the challenge

Participants Feedback

85% of survey respondents said they interact with their colleagues more as a result of the challenge

99% of survey respondents said they would recommend the challenge to others

“Excellent! The challenge should be an annual event, with a cup!”

“I really enjoyed the challenge and the physical aspects of it!"

"Loved the variety of exercises in the Chairman challenges.”

“It was great to get more insight into the Partners’ thoughts on
wellbeing and a good chance to get more active with colleagues.”

“The challenge gave me things to do with my kids/family.”

“I liked learning different workouts.”

" The Partners’ Challenge was fantastic! We had a very high participation
rate and the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.
The team at Synergy Health did an amazing job, partnering with us to
create a unique challenge with great variety and KPMG flavour. ”
Hannah Gray-Assistant HR Manager

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