International Women's Day

As some of you will already know, we are very proud to support such an important annual event, and this year we partnered with the Australian Institute of Human Resources to sponsor their IWD Breakfast in Sydney this month.  Diversity, and particularly inclusion, is an area that the team here at Synergy Health are extremely passionate about.

In today’s demanding environment women are more stretched in terms of finding a work/life balance than ever before.  Research indicates that within industries such as HR, teaching, nursing and other ‘helping professions’ (which tend to be dominated by women in our societies), burnout rates are often high.  Ironically, the most successful in these job roles are often the ones who suffer the highest rates of burnout due to having to ‘give so much of themselves’ to the benefit of others.  As a result, supporting our women in the workplace, and creating a positive, flexible and fair environment where our women can flourish is more important than ever.

To help achieve this, we need to create an environment that supports and encourages employees to change their behaviours.


We believe that a structured approach to facilitating behaviour change is an integral part of promoting wellbeing and creating an engaged, diverse and cohesive workplace.

It is often underestimated how challenging it is to create behaviour change within workplaces.

When we ask our employees to take on new projects, focus on different areas of business, change teams, to work under new managers, to consistently eat healthier food, to move their bodies more, to sleep more, to be more inclusive, to recognise their own unconscious bias and change their perceptions.

It is a heady expectation that employees are resilient enough, motivated enough and have the overall awareness to behave in a way which benefits them, and the organisations that they work for.

Often when we talk about diversity in the workplace we focus on our responsibility as an employer.  We talk about legislation, about our company reputation, our recruitment strategies, and the link between those things and our organisation’s overall productivity and employee happiness.  We create policies to afford our people flexible working conditions, our safety and wellbeing strategies and in most cases we do this very well.

However, at Synergy Health we believe that a ‘bottom up’ approach is also essential to achieving lasting benefits.  It’s the decision in which food they choose to grab between meetings on a busy Monday morning, it’s the mindset they are in when they are unable to get to the office, it’s the coping mechanisms that they reach for as they struggle with a heavy workload and a spousal conflict, it’s the mindfulness techniques that they can utilise when unable to sleep at night, it’s the walk around the block in the sunlight that they took at lunchtime with a colleague where they were able to discuss their management style/project deadline etc.  Also, it is the better understanding of what their own personal values are, and how best to structure their week to ensure their personal fulfilment at work and at home is high.  It is their overall engagement, their ability to live life to their potential, and it is their productivity that we like to focus on.

Synergy Health works with organisations to help influence the daily decisions employees make.

To help create more inclusive workplaces, we have created the ‘Connect’ challenge which gamifies the act of uncovering unconscious bias.

It focuses on first impressions where participants are given an insight into their unconscious first impressions, how they are formed and why.  Personal values where we delve into the philosophy of what is important to us all as individuals and the influence that these values have on our impressions of others. Understanding different values to understand how values are better understood retrospectively.  Why and how an individual’s driver of behaviour might be different to our own.  Conflicting values and how this can affect, conflict or compliment our own values and Inclusion to learn how to better work alongside one another irrespective of our individual drivers of behaviour and how these differences can actually become strengths.

In order to create the environment where our women and our people can flourish, we need to impact the behaviour of our overall workforce in a tangible way, to create the strategic outcomes that we require.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all.  Here’s to another year of happier, healthier, more productive, cohesive workplace environments for us all.



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