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The ‘Health & Safety Behaviours Challenge’

“I would like this challenge added to the self-starter library so that it can be done at any time, like the Sugar Crash, and Taking Back Control challenges. I think it would useful to be able to revisit it”

Challenge Participant

IAG Insurance implemented our ‘Injury & Accident Prevention Challenge’ as a part of the organisation’s overall wellbeing strategy.

The ‘Health & Safety Behaviours Challenge’ is a gamified challenge created to specifically align with IAG’s requirements. In line with the brief, this challenge was created to educate employees on the key safety risks within the organisation, to provide strategies to overcome these risks from an individual level and to encourage employee nominations for various safety roles e.g. ‘Fire Wardens’ ‘First Aiders’, ‘Health and Safety Officers’ etc.

The ‘Health & Safety Behaviours Challenge’ is a one week challenge which gamified and rewarded IAG employees for estimating accident incident rates within their organisation. The challenge helped employees to understand the health and safety reporting process and encouraged the nomination of fellow employees for safety roles using game mechanics and personality identification. Overall the challenge engaged employees in a critical, but often difficult to engage, area of wellbeing using methods which are relatable, enjoyable, educational and which create behaviour change going forward.

Of participants better understand their personal contributions/ responsibility to the safety of their workplace following the safety challenge

Of participants reported that they were motivated to make positive changes to their lifestyle following the safety challenge

Of participants found that the challenge, its language and the tasks required, were applicable to their personalities

Of participants would recommend the safety challenge to other employees within the workplace

General Participant Feedback

I enjoyed that it was daily. I looked forward to the challenges each day

I loved that it was holistic – the challenge also considered food, sleep, stress etc, which all affects safety

I really liked the challenge. I especially enjoyed the last day, where we were encouraged to engage with a colleague. More of these challenges would be great

I enjoyed learning new things and making good changes


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