Achieve More Organisational Goals Through Greater Customisation

To get the most out of any intervention, it is important that it meets your specific organisational requirements.  A wellbeing intervention should not be any different.

Unfortunately, too many organisations look at their wellbeing intervention in isolation from its broader strategic objectives.

To get the most out of a wellbeing intervention, organisations need to ask “how can our wellbeing intervention help us to achieve our broader strategy?”

To help achieve an organisation's broader strategy, a program must be able to be customised to meet its specific needs.  Customisation now goes far beyond simply picking a colour scheme and adding your organisation's logo.

Look for a wellbeing platform that can:

  • Integrate all of your specific wellbeing, safety and organisational development content
  • Develop specific content to meet your specific organisation’s needs, including promotional collateral
  • Build challenges to focus on specific needs or specific areas of your organisation
  • Create a calendar of activities that specifically addresses the key health risks within a population and meets the broader strategic needs within your organisation

By being able to access a greater level of customisation, organisations can achieve greater stakeholder engagement and a higher level of support for the wellbeing program across an organisation.

For example, Synergy Health has proudly created the following challenges to meet clients’ specific requirements:

  • A challenge that encouraged employees to not only promote healthy behaviours, but also the organisation's values
  • A challenge that provided employees the ability to cope with challenging customer interactions
  • A challenge that met the specific needs of a contact centre within an organisation
  • A challenge that encouraged employees to identify and minimise safety hazards in the workplace.

If you want to learn how a wellbeing program can help achieve your organisation achieve its broader strategic objectives, contact us now.

Download our guide to help you evaluate and make the right decision on choosing the wellbeing platform that best suits your organisation's needs



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