Gratitude and Mental Health

We all know that gratitude is a concept that tends to get forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our busy lifestyles.

Gratitude is generally defined as the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness.  It is having the ability to maintain a world view that appreciates the positive.

Gratitude reduces a multitude of toxic emotions, ranging from envy and resentment to frustration and regret.

Multiple studies have been conducted that demonstrate a strong link between gratitude and good overall mental health wellbeing.

Gratitude has shown to increase happiness and reduce depression.  It has been shown to help build stronger relationships, improve self-esteem and increase resilience in us all.

Promoting Gratitude in the Workplace

The Synergy Health ‘Gratitude Challenge’ is a two-week challenge designed to inspire and help participants to re-connect with the positive energies in their lives through cultivating the art (and science!) of being grateful!

Each day during the challenge, participants receive an email reminding them to login to the system to review some educational material and to find out what their daily task is.  The daily tasks are designed to be integrated into their normal daily routine.

Examples of the daily tasks include:

  • Take Note: Write down three things you are grateful for.
  • Picture This: Take a new photo of the person, people, animal or object you are most thankful for in your life currently. Put it on display somewhere you can view it on a daily basis.
  • Positive Spin: Organise some time for yourself and think about a time or an event that was quite negative at the time but which led to a new opportunity and/or a different focus on life that you are now thankful for.
  • Department of Zero Complaints: Try to go the whole day without complaining about anything!
  • Give of Yourself: Give the gift of time, donating a minimum of 30 minutes of your labour to a person or organisation. Make arrangements to help a work colleague, friend, neighbour or organisation.

On completing the daily challenge, participants receive feedback and points based upon their ability to complete the tasks.

Outcomes to Date:

  • 90% of participants would recommend others to participate in the ‘Gratitude Challenge’
  • 82% of participants were motivated to make positive changes to their lifestyle
  • 61% of participants reported improvements in workplace morale
  • 59% of participants reported their ability to cope with stress had increased since participating in the ‘Gratitude Challenge’

Personal Feedback:

  • “The challenge made you take the time to smell the roses; to reflect on how we need to reinforce our gratitude especially to those we love the most and whom we often take for granted".
  • “I began to be more positive in my thinking and less negative thoughts. This improved my morale at work as well as at home and changed my attitude towards those around me. More WE and Less I”.
  • “I think this entire challenge is amazing. Writing the love letter really was a special moment, with some amazing results already. Loving the gratitude challenge!”

Synergy Health – ‘Practicing what we preach’

Here at Synergy Health we are all about practicing what we preach. To show our gratitude to community based organisations, we offer our ‘Give a Bit’ program.

We understand for some workplaces (particularly community based or ‘not-for-profit’ organisations), the financial constraints can make it challenging to support their employees. It’s often these organisations that need our support the most.

As part of our ‘Give a Bit’ initiative, we offer a select number of workplaces the opportunity to participate in our programs for no - or a heavily discounted - cost.

It’s our way to show gratitude.

Some of our ‘Give a Bit’ organisations include:

  • SPCA: promoting the welfare of animals through public education.
  • Barnardos: a leading charity doing more for kids every day.
  • Early Start: an intensive home visiting support service for families with new born babies where social and family circumstances may challenge the health and well-being of their child(ren).
  • CDC: providing business growth services, facilitate sector development projects, support innovation and help business start-ups.
  • Sustainable Business Network: helps business succeed through sustainability. Provides advice and support to help business reshape profit.


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