Fonterra 'Better You' Challenge


We recently teamed up with the wellbeing folks at Fonterra to deliver the ‘Better You’ mental health and physical wellbeing booster challenge.

Working together to create something unique

We are always delighted when we work with an organisation who recognises the importance of a truly supportive environment where people can be themselves and perform at their best.

Did you know that the word ‘Fonterra’ comes from the Latin phrase, “spring from the land”, and here at Synergy Health, we like that kind of naturistic, authentic, nurturing ethos.

Working together to better understand Fonterra’s broader objectives, and using some of their initial ideas, we set about creating a bespoke challenge using the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ framework:


Being focused on objectives

Being clear on the objectives for the challenge, we created something that would:

• Encourage teamwork and connectivity;
• Increase personal resilience, positive mental and physical wellbeing;
• Support positive individual and organisational behaviour change in a fun and engaging way;
• Strengthen Fonterra’s culture of care.


Develop engaging content and practical activities

The basis of any good behaviour change program is providing engaging content and encouraging meaningful, yet practical, activities to encourage people to ‘do something different’. The content also has to be relevant to the specific audience in order for it to hit the mark and engage them.

With these principals in place, the practical activities that were incorporated into the ‘Better You’ challenge included acts of kindness, daily gratitude practice, self-care, physical movement and building better connections with colleagues, family and friends.

In order for the challenge to make as big an impact as it could to increase overall morale and further promote good working relationships for Fonterra, we made ‘Better You’ a team-based challenge, and used our leading-edge digital wellbeing platform. It was rolled out across 19 different countries to meet the needs of Fonterra’s vast global employee base.

What were the outstanding results?

In total, 19 countries actively participated in the ‘Better You’ challenge;

We achieved exceptionally high engagement rates during the challenge, with 70% of participants completing every single daily activity;

90% of participants would recommend the challenge to a colleague or friend;

82% of participants reported that they will continue to use the practical skills they learnt during the challenge (a further 14% said that they ‘might’ also);

400 participants made a new personal connection and 381 re-connected with an existing connection, either inside or outside of the workplace.

Participants Feedback

The most commonly mentioned challenge benefits were increased teamwork and better communication, and enhanced interactions with colleagues.

"This was a really great way to interact whilst focusing on wellbeing"

"It has also fostered greater team bonding! Our team loved it"

"Will continue to do all the good things and sharing with others as it’s made us happy as a team"

“ This challenge makes you stop and think and share and be more mindful”

“ The challenges for the day were exciting. There was the perfect amount and the system was easy to use’ ”

“ I really felt complete doing something to help making the life of others better ”

"Partnering up with Synergy Health to create and deliver the ‘Better You’ Challenge was a simple process from start to finish. Fantastic customer support was provided throughout, from our initial concept discussions to receiving our final report, which provided some great insights into participant feedback and challenge stats. The challenge itself was delivered seamlessly and accessed by employees from 19 global locations. The functionality available through the challenge site was engaging, simple and allowed for teams to work together. A very successful challenge was delivered, and we had excellent feedback from our people. We look forward to working with Synergy Health again in the future."

Nick Salter - Wellbeing Lead at Fonterra

What can we create for your team?

What are your organisation’s wellbeing aims and objectives? What’s on your team’s wishlist when it comes to creating behaviour change amongst your people? Talk to us about the objectives you are striving to achieve and let’s see what we can collaboratively create with you.

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