Evaluate Your Wellbeing Platform

Given the current working climate, there has been an influx of online wellbeing initiatives and platforms flooding the market.

As organisations respond to the global pandemic and the new 'normal', it has become more important than ever that we take a proactive approach in promoting employee wellbeing and mental health.  As employers and people leaders are working through this process, it is important to take note that not all online wellbeing platforms are created equal!

Just like with any other behaviour change process, we must ensure that we take a strategic and sustainable approach, that reaps benefit over time, rather than focusing on one-off, ad-hoc programs and offerings.

With the ever-increasing rate of technological development, when well designed, online wellbeing and mental health platforms are becoming more sophisticated, easier to implement and are achieving a better return on investment for organisations and their employees.

To support your work in this space and help you choose a provider, we have put together a simple checklist for you to evaluate your own online wellbeing platform requirements.  

This 'cheat sheet' pinpoints the critical factors and non-negotiable functionality that will benefit both your employees and your organisation now and into the future.


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