Digital Detox Challenge

We are now more connected than ever before.  Our lives are fast-paced, on-demand, multi-tasking, surround sound, high definition versions of what they used to be.  Advances in technology have provided us with education, entertainment, route directions, connection, sometimes even our self-worth and health data is wrapped up in one of these sleek little packages.

Whatever we want seems to be accessible all the time, at the touch of a button.  It’s no wonder that we are somewhat attached.  Recent studies show that 57% of us use more than one type of device, and often at the same time!  Over 30% of us are still ‘using’ after midnight, with peak levels a few hours before bedtime, and first thing in the morning.  Research shows that the hours spent online are increasing, year on year too.

We think it is fair to say that we are in love.  Like all infatuations, however, often it is not sustainable to keep up that level of devotion without some kind of drawback long-term.  Healthy relationships simmer somewhat from those panic stricken, jump to the sound of your text message stages.  Having such devoted relationships with your devices could be interrupting your sleep, affecting our mental health and your ability to appreciate and participate in ‘real life’.  We know what you’re thinking- ‘I have all of that real life stuff on TOP of my social media/web browsing/entertainment seeking patterns.  It ADDS to my life’.  Sometimes it does, but can you honestly say that every time you pick up your phone it’s truly not out of habit?  That it doesn’t interrupt conversations, ever, that you don’t check to see how many ‘likes’ a photograph has received and felt disappointed that there wasn’t as many as you had hoped/expected?   We’re not just talking the ‘fun’ stuff either.  We rely on devices more and more for work too.  But can you say that communication over email/online hasn’t given you a barrier to hide behind in a difficult work conversation?  Or that sometimes you really could make more effect?  Can you say that every time you pick up your device, or surf the net, that you do something productive and you haven’t ever lost a sense of time only to come up for air hours later without really having achieved anything?

We didn’t think so.  So here’s the good news.  The art of unplugging isn’t about abandoning technology altogether (prayer emoji), but achieving a little more balance in your device relationship.  Finding a way to achieve strategic disengagement, and actually take back some time in your life.  We all need a helping reminder at times to switch off and look up, and there will be all kinds of benefits!

Our one-week Digital Detox Challenge explores the impact that digital devices have on our sleep, relationships, productivity and overall wellbeing.  It is designed to get you looking at your current habits around digital devices and provide you with practical tools and strategies to reign in your technology use to a level that is a little more ‘going steady’ than ‘in the first flush’.

Results from the challenge showed 100% of participants felt that participating in 'Digital Detox' had a positive impact on their wellbeing. Over 96% of participants are more confident in their ability to implement strategies to help them to disconnect from their digital devices.  We are proud that 100% of participants would recommend the challenge to a colleague or family / friends.

Feedback comments received:

Below is some feedback from our most recent challenge participants:

  • ‘As a result of the challenge I realised the health benefits not only to myself, but also my family
  • ‘I was able to spend more quality time with my family’
  • ‘Taking part in the challenge helped me to fall asleep quicker, and have a better quality of sleep’
  • ‘This challenge was a real eye-opener for me as to how long I was actually spending on my devices’
  • ‘I felt more energised and had better sleep throughout’

If your team could benefit from taking part in the Digital Detox Challenge, contact us for more information at


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