Defuse - Getting Through Difficult Interactions

Most of us spend the majority of our day interacting with others.  The quality of those interactions can have a big impact on our overall mental health and wellbeing.  It can also have a big impact on the overall performance of an organisation.

With this in mind, Synergy Health, in conjunction with Lance Burdett, created the 'Defuse Challenge' primarily for one of our large clients. The challenge was designed to specifically address conflict in the workplace and teach employees new techniques to improve their interactions with others, both inside and outside the workplace.

On registration, we found over 70% of the challenge participants specified that wanting to improve their ability to communicate effectively was the key reason for signing up to the two week challenge.

Results from the challenge showed 97% of participants were confident in their ability to maintain the positive changes they made over the course of the two weeks, and 96% of participants would recommend the challenge to a colleague!

Feedback comments received:

  • ‘I’m trying not to interrupt when people are speaking and actively listen to them. It has helped to take a breath and relax, especially when involved in a heated discussion. The waiting 3-5 seconds, dropping the voice and not elevating my pitch has made a big difference. I’ve copied all the notes to refer back to and it’s a great reminder to keep practising the techniques’.
  • ‘I understand now how one bad customer interaction can affect the subsequent ones and how to stop that from ruining the day. Once we emerge from that cycle of action-reaction, we have gained new techniques to control what we can do to change our world’.
  • ‘I really concentrate on my breathing and am now a lot more aware of tailoring my conversations to meet the person’s expectations. It was very valuable’.
  • ‘I take a more measured and calm approach to dealing with tense situations. This tends to reduce the chance of escalation’.
  • ‘I think anyone with a direct report could certainly benefit from this’

If your organisation wants to enhance communication or create a specific challenge to help it achieve its broader strategic objectives, contact us to discuss the various options available.


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