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The "MyWellBeing" program

Synergy Health has been delivering a wellbeing portal (called MyWellBeing) to BNZ since 2008. Over this time, MyWellBeing has evolved significantly. Over the previous 8 years, Synergy Health has consistently improved the technology and content to meet more of BNZ's business needs.

Synergy Health has delivered the following services to BNZ as part of the MyWellBeing program:

  • Health Questionnaire - with BNZ adding a range of customised questions.
  • Health Educational Content - a range of health articles, podcasts, health clips, recipes, health events and discounts have been included on MyWellBeing. The timing and nature of specific content added has been selected by BNZ.
  • Health Challenges - a range of challenges have been delivered to BNZ. This includes 'Shift' (a challenge that uses a device to track and encourage physical activity), 'Gratitude Challenge', 'Sugar Crash', 'Drive Safely', 'Go Primal', 'Resiliency Challenge', 'Winter Wellness', 'Mental Health Challenge' and 'Sweet Secrets'.
  • BNZ has determined the topic and timing at which these challenges have been delivered.
  • Customised Content - BNZ has added a range of content to MyWellBeing including information to promote the various causes and entities BNZ support as an organisation (such as Plunket, Deaf Aotearoa and Age Concern) as well as other areas of interest which include Mental Health Awareness Month, Iron Awareness and Civil Defence / ShakeOut Day.

Sickness absence was reduced from an average of 6.1 days to 4.5 days

Work related injuries reduced from 135 to 68 per annum with the related medical expenses costs reducing by 50%

Over the same period, the employee engagement score went up from 68% to 76%

Employees rated the wellbeing program within the top 3 benefits of working within BNZ

Of participants would recommend others to participate in the challenge


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